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Safe / Secure / EAsy

The Safest Way To Communicate

Key Features

There are many reasons why Texochat is best in front of competitors

Spam Policy

Feature that allows users to have full control over their account.

Crypto Wallet

Send, Receive, Store, and Transact crypto with one click.

Safe And Secure

2FA, KYC and Fingerprint are used to secure wallet and account.

Marketing Campaign

Any user can start airdrop and admin can send rewards to their member

TXO Token

Use TXO to send crypto, TIP user, and Reward user in APP


Start campaigns

Project owners can run promotional campaigns like reward and use TXO as payment

Transaction Fee

Any user can start airdrop and admin can send rewards to their member


Users can send Tip to any other users

What, Why, Who, & When

Analysis of 4W for Texochat application

What Is Texochat


What? - Texochat is a Blockchain-based multi-usage chat application. Texochat has taken the Blockchain opportunity to build an app where anyone can fulfill their crypto use. Texochat aims to provide all features in one app.

Why Texochat?


Why? - There are many applications in the market that people are using and the apps like Telegram and Discord are the primary choices of crypto users but still, they lack features. Apart from being a Blockchain-based application, Texochat has some distinguishing features which make it stand tall amongst all.

For Whom?


Who? - Texochat is designed in such a manner that any type of crypto-related person can use it either it is individual, group, company, investors, projects, or anyone else..

When We Will launch?


When - Texochat app will get launch in Q4 of 2021 Q1 of 2022

Token & Fund Distribution

Informative Documents

Want to know more about Texochat application & project?
Here is the explained documents.

Meet Our Team

Akhilesh Mishra


Ankit Mishra


Obumneke Okorie


Sabby Singh


Antier Solutions


Reco Daley

Smart contract Engineer

Roadmap Will Get Updated Soon

  • Q1 - 2021

    Idea - Idea is on paper and work started.

  • Q2 - 2021

    Docs - Official documents are published.

  • Q3 - 2021 (delay)

    Pre-Tokensale - Pre-Sale will take place on different platforms.

  • Q3 - 2021 (delay)

    APP Launch - Beta or Test version of android app will be launch.

  • Q4 - 2021 (delay)

    Main Tokensale - Main sale of token will take place on IEO platforms.

  • Q1 - 2022

    APP Launch - First version of android app will get launch for public.

  • Q1 - 2022

    CEX Listing - TXO will be  available for trade on top tier centralized exchange.

  • Q2 - 2022

    Integration - Texochat app will be integrated with third party APIs like.

  • 2022 - 2022

    Updates - There are many new updates coming up. Join Telegram channel for updates.

Texochat APP Look


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Safe / Secure / EASY

The future of communication is Texochat

At Texochat we aim to develop and deliver the platform where any type of crypto users can safely and easily communicate while using other crypto features like wallet, swap, and airdrops.

Informative Documents